In 1717, in an historical context, cultural and Protestant as it was the English one, the Freemasonry, called speculative was born. She derives from the Corporations of the free masons which were prestigious medieval Christian associations. They were the builders of the great Cathedrals (freemasonry operative). In the sixteenth century began the decadence of the corporations because of the admission of members of high society.
The word Freemasons operative changed in a Protestant environment frequented by free thinkers (the philosophical circles, libertines, Illuminati, rationalists) into “Speculative Masonry” because they would dispute on details with unending debates. An indefinite spirit of Tolerance was propagated in them.
On the 24th June 1717, on the fest of St John Baptist four operative lodges residing in several quarters of London, came together there, giving birth to the Great Lodge of London, to become later the Great Lodge Mother of England from which derived all the Lodges of the World Masonry.


1.    England:

James Anderson and Jean Theophile Desaguliers: English and French Protestant pastors who were in charge to write the Constitutions of the Masonry. His text was published in 1723.

2.    Germany:

Mayer Amschel Rotschild: assembled, in 1773 in Frankfurt, twelve of his most influential Jewish friends (so called “Elders of Zion”) and convinced them that if they all pooled their resources together, they could rule the world. He introduced Adam Weishaupt.
Adam Weishaupt: instructed by a mysterious occultist Kölmer; he founded on May 1, 1776 the “Ancient and Illuminated Seers of Bavaria” or “Order of the Illuminati” in Germany. He was surrounded by his friends: Kölmer, Francis Dashwood (founder of the Satanic Hellfire Club) Alphonse Donatien DeSade, and Mayer Rothschild. He believed that the primitive perfection of man could only be regained by first destroying all social structure. 

3.    France:

Giuseppe Balsamo: engineered the “Diamond Necklace” scandal to bring disgrace to an innocent Queen Marie Antoinette and to the Church. Balsamo spread the lie that the Queen had purchased a $1,500,000 diamond necklace while the people were suffering from famine. Then the Freemason created an artificial famine and spreads that brigands were approaching and that everyone should take up arms… they created anarchy. In November 1793 a campaign against religion was inaugurated by a massacre of the priests all over France…
François-Noel Babeuf: planned insurrection in 1795 and through the military control of France conquer the rest of the world, thus establishing the Order’s goal of a Universal Republic or New World Order.
Napoleon Bonaparte: in 1794, he was initiated at least three occasions into Masonic French lodges. After the Napoleonic Wars, the French Freemasons assumed that all Europe would be so weary of wars that they look for any peaceful settlement. So they set up “the Congress of Vienna” and try to establish the world government… but the Czar of Russia caught on to the plot and opposed their plan.


Realizing that the one world idea was or the moment, unattainable, the Freemasons decided that they would have to control the monetary system of Europe to consolidate their power. They lie again and spread the story that Napoleon won the battle of Waterloo, which brought about panic on the stock markets of England and Europe. All stocks plummeted down to zero. The Freemasons then bought all the stocks for virtually a penny on its dollar value, giving them complete control of the economy of Britain and virtually, of all Europe.


19th century: among those responsible for extending the masonic infiltration and power all over Europe were: Filippo Michele Buonarroti and Louis Blanqui. These two branches of the Illuminati formed the League of the Just Men which became the Communist League in 1848.
Karl Marx was hired by that League to write the Communist Manifesto and to penetrate and subvert the labor movement in France.


a.    The creation of hatred and violence between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland, aimed at breaking Ireland away from the United Kingdom and bringing Ireland under Communist control… this would serve as the model for many future anti-Colonialist movement…
b.    The destruction of remaining Catholic influence and the building of Communist power in Mexico
c.    In 1815 Italian and Germany were loose confederations of small monarchies with strong church influence. Freemasonry created and controlled “nationalist” or unification” movement between 1820-1870. This produced socialist central government and then uses in the early twentieth century to create the German National Socialist and Italian Fist movements.
d.    In others parts of Europe, freemasonry staged repeated insurrections and revolt and subversion, infiltration…



Freemasonry is an association of associations which characterized first of all, for its secrecy. The distinctive sign is its way of thinking and acting which are according to the canons of the relativism, which is of philanthropic, moral and religious type in its specificity of the Catholic religion, that is the negation, of every absolute and relative truth.
A Freemason, F. Limousin, in his first number of the Masonic Review called “L’ACACIA”, of October 1902, using the pen-name of Hiram, gives the following characteristic definition:

“Freemasonry is an association…an institution… so it is said…. But it is not that at all. Let us lift up all the veils, risking even to evoke numberless protestations. Freemasonry is a Church: It is the Counter-Church, Counter-Catholicism: It is the other church – the church of Heresy, of Free thought; The Catholic Church is considered as the arch-type church, the first church, church of dogmatism and of orthodoxy.”


The mason is not easily recognizes because he is clever in dissimulating and is well aware of situations, especially in places of control and coordination. He has more experience in the economic, social and multinational level. However it clearly appears that the Masons have the following characteristics and particular signs:
1.    He gives absolute priority to money
2.    He lives the life of the privileged class
3.    He despises the poor and poverty, and surrounds himself with rich, powerful and influential friends
4.    He is morally relativist: true and false, good and evil, have no foundations in ethics, much less in the Gospel of permanent values, but they change according to exigencies and the interests of the moment
5.    To be pleasing to the eyes of men, keeps an exterior morality which easily deceives simple people
6.    It opposes all initiatives of participation and true service of social promotion not linked to great interests and personal profit
7.    His arrogance almost never turns into anger, but he finds in his simulation and in systematic calumny the means of revenge
8.    He spitefully away from gatherings of modest entity but he joins associations and circles where culture, power and money “makes high society”, and he takes refuge in the highest or intermediate spheres of politics, finance, of the armed forces, the Church, in universities (beyond 50% of the Rectors of universities are masons.)
9.    He aims at arriving where usually the majority does not arrive, thanks to the influence of his friendships and the bribing with money
10.    He never commits direct homicides (true only for the first levels). He destroys by striking with calumny or reducing to starvation, making careers and study impossible. If it is not sufficient to simulate suicides, he delegates to other associations (as the mafia) the disappearance of his enemies.


 ⦁    Their first duty affirm that a Mason “if he understands rightly the Masonic speculation, will never be a stupid atheist, nor a religious libertine.” For the Masons all religions are the same, hence to profess one religion instead of another for the Masons is all the same. In practice they hold to no one but they believe in the Great Architect of the Universe. This great architect is neither defined nor identified with any religious belief. “Have this idea you wish what is important and essential is not to make any dogma and not to impose it to anyone.”
⦁    The second duty is to be loyal in relation to the constitutional political powers, and forbids the lodges any direct political activity.
⦁    The third duty is to exclude women from Freemasonry.

The true Masonic secret: not to let other know what he thinks and what Masonry does.


 Masonry is compared to a Pyramid. At the base are the “Lodges”, the operative groups of the Masons. On the top there is the mighty “Great Master” and a second authority, the Ritual one, responsible for the formation of the adepts and cooperating with him is the Council of the 33.
Around 25 members per lodges and two things seem to be essential:
⦁    The finality of a lodge which is always at the service of the summit,
⦁    The formation of the adept through the ritual of initiation.


A true and proper washing of the brain is done to the apprentice, by means of an “inverted baptism.” The Masonry is an association of the elite and does not click with the lower social status: the bourgeois and the high class preferring an age between 25 and 30. All professional categories are represented: doctors, lawyer, journalists, writers artists, notary public, judges, prefects, high officials in the ministries and in enterprises, policemen, high ranking military men, deputies senators, bankers… many universities are in their hands through their Rectors.


Freemasonry can be fought only with spiritual means. Being a power enemy of the Church, we have first of all to trust in Jesus Christ who is the master of history, for which, the last word on his enemies will be His. We should expect the will of God will triumph in everything, with the power of the Holy Spirit and through a humble woman, Mary his Mother.


Our Lord Jesus Christ told us: "You will recognize them at their fruits." What are the fruits today? Everything is destroyed: spiritual life, natural life.  No longer seminarian, religious, no longer catholic families, materialism and selfishness everywhere.


1. Remove once and for all St. Michael, the protector of the Catholic Church, from all the prayers within the Mass and outside of the Mass. Remove the statues, saying that they distract from the Adoration of Christ.
2. Remove the Penitential Exercises of Lent such as abstinence from meat on Fridays or even fasting; impede every act of self-sacrifice. In their place should be favored acts of joy, happiness and love of neighbor. You say, "Christ has already won for us Paradise" and "every human effort is useless." Tell everyone that they must be seriously concerned about their health. Encourage the consumption of meat, especially pork.
3. Assign the Protestant ministers to reconsider the Holy Mass and to desecrate it. Sown doubts about the Real Presence in the Eucharist and confirm that the Eucharist - with greater proximity to the Protestant faith - is only bread and wine and is intended as a pure symbol. Spread Protestants in seminaries and schools. Encourage ecumenism as the path towards unity. Accuse anyone who believes in the Real Presence as subversive and disobedient to the Church.
4. Prohibited the Latin liturgy of the Mass, adoration and songs, because they communicate a sense of mystery and deference. Present them as spells of soothsayers. People will stop considering the priests as men of superior intelligence, to be respected as bearers of the Divine Mysteries.
5. Encourage women not to cover their heads with a veil in church. The hair is sexy. Demand woman readers and women priests. Present the idea as democracy. Found a movement of women's liberation. Those who enter the church should dressed badly in order to feel at home. This will reduce the importance of the Mass.
6. Prevent the faithful from taking Holy Communion kneeling. Tell the nuns that they must dissuade the children from keeping their hands together before and after Communion. Tell them that God loves them as they are and that they should feel completely at ease. Eliminate in the church kneeling and any genuflection. Remove the pews. Tell people that during the Mass they must show their faith in an upright position.
7. Eliminate the sacred music of the organ. Introduce the guitar, jew's harps, drums, trampling and holy laughter in the churches. This distracts people from their personal prayer and conversations with Jesus. Do not give Jesus the time to call children to the religious life. Perform liturgical dances around the altar in exciting clothes, theaters and concerts.
8. Remove the sacred character from the songs to the Mother of God and of St. Joseph. Indicate their veneration as idolatry. Render ridiculous those who persist. Introduce Protestant songs. This will give the impression that the Catholic Church finally admits that Protestantism is the true religion, or at least that it is equal to the Catholic Church.
9 Eliminate all the hymns even those to Jesus because they make the people think of happiness and serenity that comes from the life of mortification and penance for God already from childhood. Introduce new songs only to convince people that the previous rites were somehow false. Make sure that in every Mass that there is at least one in which Jesus is not mentioned and instead speaks only of love for men. The youth will be thrilled to hear about the love of neighbor. Preach love, tolerance and unity. Do not mention Jesus, prohibit any announcements of the Eucharist.
10. Remove all the relics of saints and later also from the Altars themselves. Replace them with pagan tables not consecrated which can be used to offer human sacrifices during satanic masses. Eliminate the Ecclesiastical law which wants the celebration of the Holy Mass only on Altars containing relics.
11. Discontinue the practice of celebrating the Holy Mass in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament in the Tabernacle. Do not admit any Tabernacle on the Altars that are used for the celebration of the Holy Mass. The board should have the appearance of a kitchen table. It must be transportable to express that it is not at all sacred but must serve a dual purpose as, for example, a table for conferences or for play cards on it. Later place a chair at that table. The priest must take that position to indicate that after the Communion he rests as after a meal. The priest must never kneel during the Mass or do genuflections. At meals, in fact, no one ever kneels. The chair of the Priest must be placed in the place of the Tabernacle. Encourage the people to worship and also to adore the priest instead of the Eucharist, to obey him instead of the Eucharist. Tell the people that the priest is Christ, their leader. Place the Tabernacle in a separate room, out of sight.
12. Let the saints disappear from the Ecclesiastical calendar, leaving always some at fixed times. Prohibit the priests from preaching about the Saints, except for those that are mentioned in the Gospel. Tell the people that any Protestants, probably in the church, could be scandalized. Avoid anything that disturbs the Protestants.
13. In the Gospel reading omit the word "holy", for example, instead of "the Gospel according to St. John," simply say: "Gospel according to John." This will make the people think that they should not venerate the saints anymore. Continuously write new bibles so that they will identical to the Protestant ones. Omit the adjective "Holy" in the expression "Holy Spirit". This will pave the way. Emphasize the feminine nature of God as a mother full of tenderness. Eliminate the use of the term "Father."
14. Try to get all the personal books of piety to disappear and destroy them. As a consequence of this the Litanies of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, of the Mother of God, of St. Joseph will cease also as the preparation for Holy Communion. The thanksgiving after Communion will become superfluous as well.
15. Cause to disappear also all of the statues and images of the Angels. Why should the statues of our enemies get in the way? Define them as myths or good night stories. Do not let the talk on the Angels since this perturbs our Protestant friends.
16. Repeal minor exorcisms to expel demons: work on this, announcing that the devils do not exist. Explain that this is the method adopted in the Bible to describe evil and that without a wicked one there cannot exist interesting stories. As a result people will not believe in the existence of hell nor will they be afraid to ever fall into hell. Repeat that hell is nothing more than the distance from God and that there is nothing terrible in that if we are basically speaking about the same life as here on earth.
17. Teach that Jesus was only a man who had no brothers and sisters and who hated the holders of power. Explain that he loved the company of prostitutes, especially of Mary Magdalene, who did not know what to do with churches and synagogues. Tell them that he advised not to obey the leaders of the Clergy, explained that he was a great teacher but deviated from the correct path when he neglected to obey the leaders of the church. Discourage the discussion on the cross as a victory, on the contrary present it as a failure.
18. Remember that you can induce the sisters to the betrayal of their vocation if you will concentrate on their vanity, charm and beauty. Have them change their Ecclesiastical habit and that will naturally lead them throw away their rosaries in disapproval. This will dry up their vocations. Tell the nuns that they will not be accepted if they do not renounce their habit. Favor the discredit of the ecclesiastical habit also among the people.
19. Burn all catechisms. Tell the teachers of religion to teach to love God's creatures instead of God Himself. To love openly is a testimony of maturity. Let the term "sex" become a household word in your daily religion classes. Make sex a new religion. Introduce images of sex in religious lessons to teach children the reality. Make sure that the images are clear. Encourage schools to become progressive thinkers in the field of sex education. Introduce sex education through the Bishop's authority so parents will have nothing against it.
20. Suffocate the Catholic schools, preventing the vocations of the nuns. Reveal to the nuns that they are underpaid social workers and that the Church is about to eliminate them. Insist that the lay Catholic teacher receive the same wage as those of government schools. Use non catholic teachers. The Priests must receive the same salary as the corresponding secular employees. All priests must put away their Clerical Robe and their crosses so as to be accepted by everyone. Render ridiculous those who do not conform.
21. Annihilate the Pope, destroying his Universities. Detach the Universities from the Pope, saying that in this way the government might subsidize them. Replace the names of religious institutes with profane names, in order to favor of ecumenism. For example, instead of "School of the Immaculate Conception," you say, "New High School". Establish departments of ecumenism in all the dioceses and take that they be controlled by the protestant side. Prohibited prayers for the Pope and for Mary because they discourage ecumenism. Announced that the local bishops are the competent authorities. Uphold that the Pope is merely a figurehead. Explain to the people that the Papal Teaching is useful only for conversation but which is otherwise unimportant.
22. Fight Papal Authority, putting an age limit on his activity. Reduce the age limit gradually, explaining that you want to preserve him from excessive work.
23. Be bold. Weaken the Pope by introducing Episcopal synods. The Pope will then become only a figurehead as in England where the High chamber and the Low chamber reign and from them the queen receives orders. Then weaken the authority of the Bishop, giving rise to a concurrent institution at the level of the priests. Say that in this way the priests receive the attention they deserve. Finally weaken the authority of the priest with the formation of groups of lay people who dominate the Priests. In this way you will give rise to such a hatred that even Cardinals will abandon the Church and then the Church will be democratic ... the New Church ...
24. Reduce the vocations to the priesthood, making the laymen lose their awe of it. The public scandal of a Priest will destroy thousands of vocations. Praise priests who for the love of a woman abandoned everything, defining them as heroes. Honor Priests reduced to the lay state as true martyrs, the oppressed to the point of not being able to endure anymore. Also condemned as a scandal that our mason brethren in the priesthood must be made known and their names published. Be tolerant with homosexuality within the Clergy. Tell the people that priests suffer from loneliness.
25. Begin to close the churches due to the shortage of clergy. Defined as good and economical this practice. Explain that God hears prayers everywhere. In this manner the churches become an extravagant waste of money. Close above all the churches in which they practice traditional piety.
26. Use committees of lay people and priests weak in faith who might condemn and reprehend without difficulty every apparition of Mary and apparent miracle especially of the Archangel St. Michael. Make sure that nothing of this, in no measure, will receive approval according to Vatican II. Call it disobedience to authority if anyone obeys the Revelations or even if someone reflects on them. Indicate the Seers as disobedient against Ecclesiastical Authority. Bring down their good name in the mud, so that no one will hold in consideration their Message.
27. Elect an Antipope. Affirm that he will bring back the Protestants in the Church and perhaps even the Jews. An Antipope will be able to be elected if the Bishops might be given the right to vote. In this way many Antipopes will receive votes so that an Antipope will be installed in office as a compromise. Affirm that the true Pope is dead.
28. Remove Confession before Holy Communion for the students of the second and third grade so that they do not care anything about Confession when they will go to the fourth or fifth grades and then the upper classes. Confession then will disappear. Introduce (in silence) communal confession with absolution as a group. Explain to the people that this happens due to the shortage of clergy.
29. Have the distributing of Communion done by women and lay people. You say that this is the time of the laity. Begin with giving Communion in the hand, as do the Protestants, rather than on the tongue. Explain that Christ did it the same way. Collect some hosts for "black masses" in our temples. Afterwards distribute instead of the personal Communion a cup of unconsecrated hosts that one can bring home with them. Explain to them that in this way they one can take the divine gifts into everyday life. Place automatic dispensers of hosts for communions and name these Tabernacles. Tell them that they must be exchanged peace signs. Encourage people to move into the church to interrupt devotion and prayer. Do not make Signs of the Cross; in place of it instead a sign of peace. Explain that also Christ got up to greet the Disciples. Do not allow any concentration in such moments. The Priests must turn their back to the Eucharist and honor the people.
30. After the Antipope has been elected, dissolve the synod of bishops as well as the associations of priests and parish councils. Forbid all religious to question, without permission, these new provisions. Explain that God loves humility and hates those who aspire to glory. Accuse of disobedience against Ecclesiastical authority all those who raise questions. Discourage obedience to God. Tell the people that they must obey these higher ecclesiastics.
31. Give the Pope (= Antipope) the maximum power to choose their successors. Order under pain of excommunication all those who love God, to bear the mark of the beast. Do not call it though the "sign of the beast." The Sign of the Cross should not be done nor used on people or through them (you should not bless anymore). To make the Sign of the Cross will be designated as idolatry and disobedience.
32. Declare previous dogmas as false, except Papal Infallibility. Proclaim Jesus Christ as a failed revolutionary. Announce that the true Christ will soon come. Only the elected Antipope must be obeyed. Tell the people that they must bow when his name is uttered.
33. Order all the subjects of the Pope to fight in holy crusade to extend the one-world religion. Satan knows where one finds all the lost gold. Conquer the world without pity! All this will bring to humanity all that it has always craved: "the golden age of peace."
- - - Source: Rivista “TEOLOGICA” n. 14 MAR/APR 1998 pag. 22-25 Ed. Segno – Udine (Italia).


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