1. 1.    Before I start to prepare the meal or eat something, I wash my hands with soap and water;
  2. I clean with water all fruits and vegetables before eating or cooking them;
  3. I don’t put my food on the floor; using a plate is better;
  4. If I use a refrigerator, I need to clean it every month; If I use a freezer, I use the following rules:
  • I need to froze and defrost food with great precaution because of bacteria;
  • To put inside: cut a piece that I will eat and separate it before to put in the frozen; Example: I bought ten sausages but I will eat only two by two. I need to separate them and put two by two in the frozen.
  • To take from:  take my food one or two hours before cooking and put in a clean place with protection;
  • If I make mistake and defrost too much food, I must cook it before to put again in freezer;
  • Never frozen two times the same food;
  • When it is defrosted, put it in the fridge;
  • Do not put any cartoon in the fridge or frozen;


  1. When I wash my clothes or the clothes of my children, I need firstly to put them in clean and pure water, to rinse. Then I change the first water and prepare the second water with soap.
  2. If I need to use detergent (Zonrox), I will use carefully because it will make holes if I use too many times;
  3. I will clean and wash bed sheet and pillow at least once a month;
  4. I should change and clean my underwear every day;


  1. All rooms: Once week, the morning, I remove the dust from the roof to the floor. I get the dust from the furniture, the chairs and tables;
  2. Every day I sweep the floor. I remove table, chair, bed and I sweep and wash;
  3. Once a month, if I have window, I clean with soap and water;
  4. Don’t forget to clean the doors!
  5. Garbage: At least, I need to put a garbage in my kitchen and in the CR;
  6. I throw out my garbage in an appropriate place;
  7. In my garbage, I put always a plastic bag which can contain easily all dirt; I clean all garbage at least once a week when I change the plastic bag;
  8. Electric fun: because its purpose is to move the air, we need to clean it carefully. To clean it every week will protect us to get bacteria or virus which are spread in the air;
  9. Kitchen: I need to clean my kitchen every day: cooking table, zing and all tables with water and soap; I will not forget the floor;
  10. CR: after each utilization, I will clean carefully the toilet interior and exterior with water; I will clean deeply every week with detergent and brush;
  11. Bathroom: after each shower, each utilization, I will use the broom to remove the dirty water; then, each week I clean with detergent and brush;
  12. Container of water: every week, I should remove all water and use it to wash the clothes; then, put a clean water;
  13. I need to covert the water to decrease the number of mosquito: their eggs will lay at the surface of the water;
More information:
Cockroaches, rats, mice, mosquito like very much dirt, water, dark place and garbage and Comfort Room; to avoid them, I should clean every day. By this way, I will have more power against bacteria, virus and microbes!


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