1. Researchers find 6,500 genes differ between the sexes.

This video from Norway will explain you what big conspiracy the world prepare against nature to earn more money, more power and more souls to go to hell.

Resume: Hjernevask (Brainwash) is a Norwegian popular science documentary series that aired on Norwegian television in 2010. The series was produced by Harald Eia and Ole Martin Ihle, and was completed in seven episodes consisting of interviews with Norwegian and foreign researchers who have different views on the nature versus nurture debate.

First video, Gender Equality? With the same discovery we will see two different interpretation: one honest and based on the reality, while the other one is interested and politically correct and wonderful lies that until now, the common people believe.


A male's orientation toward life tends to be outward. 

  • Explorer. Every boy and every man is on a quest. He discovers his identity "out there" in the world where he senses his larger purpose and destiny lie.

  • Determined to "deliver the goods." A man places great stock in knowing that he has what it takes to complete the quest and accomplish the task at hand.

  • Needs to know what's next. Unlike a woman, he isn't inclined to "cuddle," to "savor" meaningful experiences, or to "linger" in the moment. Generally speaking, he's anxious to move on to the next thing. Dynamic.

  • Opportunistic. To put it another way, the male is a doer; and in the final analysis, his feelings about what he's doing or his reasons for doing it are less important to him than the urge and the opportunity to get it done.

  • Takes chances. To seize and make the most of his opportunities, a boy or a man must be willing to take chances. Accordingly, a propensity to run a certain degree of risk is fundamental to the male character.

  • Initiator. All of this presumes a certain willingness and ability to "take the bull by the horns" and make things happen. It also suggests that leadership, while not necessarily an exclusively male prerogative, is nevertheless more deeply rooted in the nature of men and boys.

  • Active and aggressive. There's an obvious connection between initiation and active aggression. In light of this, it's interesting to note that the male brain is two-and-a-half times larger and more vital in the center devoted to aggression and action than the female brain.

  • Competitive and dominant. Men want the best and will expend incredible energy toward getting it. He received his authority from God and for that purpose he is the head, the leader of the family and consequently of the society.

A woman's perspective tends to be more inwardly directed.

  • "Confidently enticing." Unlike the male, who must go out into the world to find his destiny, the woman possesses her future within herself. She has a hidden but deep confidence in this.

  • Values intimacy above action. A woman cares more about being than doing, and she finds the reason for her being in relationship. She is the advisor, the councilor and the mediator in the family.

  • Wisely (selectively) receptive. Though she values relationships above all else, a woman does not enter into them indiscriminately. She chooses slowly and receives wisely.

  • Seeks security. Because her orientation is inward, toward relationships, nurturing, and "nesting," the female of the species puts a premium on safety and security. To a far greater extent than the male, she values qualities like "dependability" and "trustworthiness" in a potential mate.

  • Prefers modesty. A confident woman knows that she possesses something very precious and valuable – the power of her femininity – and she is driven by an innate desire to protect it. Modesty is fundamental to her nature.

  • Caring. The female is more naturally inclined to respond to the distressed, the needy, or the hurting with immediate compassion and care.

  • Uses words. Men talk to communicate information or ideas. Women talk to communicate feelings and thoughts. As a result, women tend to use more words than men.

  • Desires equity and submission. A woman wants to be a man's equal, but an equal of a very special kind. At a deep and fundamental level she has a strong desire to be led, protected, and cared for. The great power of the women consists in this loyal and intelligent submission to the authority which will recognize her place of mediatrix, coordinator and supreme advisor.

  • Wields "soft power" which shapes humanity. Women have the ability to wield great and subtle influence in marriage and domestic relationships.

  • Connecting. The female is wired to connect with others on many different levels.


Second video, why kids brought in the same family have not same capacity? Why the capacity of the parents are almost similar to their children? Why difference of education will give unequal score at school?


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